Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Spotted Checking Up On Their New Digs

The home sits in a private gated community in the exclusive California suburb of Bel Air, and occupies 10,000 square feet. Checking in: Kim and Kanye were earlier seen arriving at the Bel Air property in their $750,000 Lamborghini Nice ride: Kim and Kanye, of course, rolled up in style, driving through the gates of the exclusive enclave in the Aventador Heading in: Kim and Kanye were seen cruising through their exclusive gated community in the upscale neighbourhood According to the listing, the 3/4 acre estate is situated on a view-commanding ridgeline. Where’s North? The couple’s daughter was missing from the outing Fittings and furnishings are set to be plush with the couple splashing out 487,000 on four gold-plated toilets and an incredible 750,000 on six special-edition luxury beds. The couple have enlisted the services of the company that supplies beds to Londons exclusive Savoy Hotel.

One store even has an iPod set up with a Kanye playlist and cranks the music while his missus is looking around. SHOPPER’S PARADISE: Plan your Vegas getaway around shopping highlights Dinner at LAVO At LAVO’s Private Dining Room, Kim and her family enjoy the Italian dishes, especially LAVO’s famous one-pound Kobe Meatballs. At her request, staff takes pics of Kim with her own phone, which she texts to Kanye. (A few servers immediately start following her Twitter account, hoping for a tweet from LAVO).

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both sold their L.A. homes in order to purchase a house in the prestigious area of Bel Air, that they immediately began gutting to create their dream home. Yesterday Kim and Kanye were both spotted walking around the property with a construction crew checking on the progress of the Italian-style villa. Some of the new additions that they were checking on include a hair and make-up salon, custom gym, basketball court and both an indoor and outdoor pool.

Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Claims That Celeb Post-Baby Pics Are Fake

Tracy, who has trained other celeb moms including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bethenny Frankel, says that the world’s perception of what a womans body should look like after having a baby is wildly distorted, thanks to hugely slimmed-down photos of post-baby celebs published in magazines. “It’s insane,” Tracy tells . “I don’t think the watch sex tape Kim Kardashian public is even fascinated with it. I think they know it’s not real. Tracy claims that many photos that are purported to be real post-baby pics are actually digitally manipulated Frankenphotos that bear no resemblance to how the stars body actually looks.


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